Top Expert Tips to Write the Evaluation Section of a Grant Proposal

Have you ever wondered how to write the evaluation section of a grant proposal? Maybe you sat there at 2 a.m. (of course the night before a grant is due) and scratched your head as you came across this section towards the end of a grant.

You think, “You want me to write how I am going to run a program and now you need to know how I will evaluate that the project is running how I said it will run?”

Er, yep. Funding sources do want to know how you will evaluate what you say you are going to do. Are you proposing to house 30 sloths within 12 months?

Well, you better include how you will evaluate that those 30 sloths will be housed!

But seriously, you do need to identify how  you will evaluate your program in grant proposals.

In this week’s podcast, Dr. James Pann goes over how to write the evaluation section of a grant proposal (and he gives his top tips!).

We Discuss:

  • Evaluation methodologies (not complicated, I promise!)
  • IRB approval and reasons you might need this for research
  • How to know what the funding sources require for the Needs & Research sections
  • How to design an evaluation plan
  • Why writing a poor evaluation section could ruin your grant award

About Dr. James Pann

grant writing evaluation

James Pann received his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. He obtained his M.S.Ed. in Mental Health Counseling and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Miami. Dr. Pann completed his clinical internship at Nova Southeastern University Community Mental Health Center in neuropsychology, behavioral medicine, and adult and child psychotherapy. Additionally, he had a postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric behavioral medicine at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Miami/ Jackson Memorial Medical Center. He also completed a Family Therapy Externship at the Center for Family Studies at the University of Miami.

Dr. Pann is also an Associate Professor at the Abraham S. Fischler College of Education where he focuses on teaching program evaluation and conducting research and evaluation projects. Dr. Pann is interested in the use of program evaluation approaches to study and improve educational, health and human service programs. He is a licensed psychologist in Florida and an active member of the American Evaluation Association.

Dr. Pann has been Principal Consultant of EvalNetwork, a research and evaluation consulting firm, since 2000. EvalNetwork specializes in working with education, health and human service organizations and grant making entities. The firm has worked on a wide variety of projects, from systems of care and other collaborations, to substance abuse, mental health and afterschool programs, with organizations of all sizes. EvalNetwork has worked as evaluator or research partner on local and national projects funded by foundations and government agencies.

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