The 3-Step ASK Formula to Get Donors to Give to Your Nonprofit

Asking donors to give money to your nonprofit may cause some people stress. Many nonprofit leaders, volunteers, or board directors may not know:

  • how to approach the subject of giving,
  • what specifically to ask for, or
  • who to approach.

The thing is, nonprofit organizations should ask for donations! But the how, who, and what is not something that comes natural to all.

Dr. Omotola Akinsola of The Funding Magnet shares with you her ASK Formula! In this ASK Formula she shares how to get donors to give!

  • A: Ask family and friends
  • S: Seek those family and friends to round up more donors
  • K: Knock on doors with your extended network

She also shares with you an overview on how to develop and implement a funding plan for your nonprofit. This is also a great takeaway for grant writers, funding developers, and board directors!