Common Freelance Grant Writer Mistakes: How to Avoid Them & Grow Your Business with Rodney Walker

Being a freelance grant writer doesn’t need to be a career (yes, career, not just a hobby) full of pulling your hair out! Not at all, my friend. This can be quite the opposite. It can be one where you grow in a methodical way and start with a strong foundation.

What better way to do that than to listen to someone else’s mistakes and how they have traversed into a success!

My guest and Freelance Grant Writing expert coach, Rodney Walker, gives you all the tips of the trade and goes behind-the-scenes to show you what to avoid! (wink-wink, some major confidence tips coming at you!). Plus, he shares the most common mistakes freelance grant writers make when starting out and how to avoid them.

He gives you tangible action items so you can get started today.

Additionally, he shares with us his latest resource for freelance grant writers:

Whether you’ve been a freelance grant writer or a nonprofit consultant for years, or you’ve been a little overwhelmed to get started, this episode will ease those hesitancies and ensure you are sure-footed in your journey.

Here’s a snapshot of a few things we talked about…

  • Having real confidence in starting a business
  • Why closed doors might be a sign to change direction
  • Why affirmations are so important
  • How he went from broke to making a prosperous income and what that took
  • Behind-the-scenes on the and that you might be featured there already!

About Rodney Walker

Rodney Walker is president of Grant Central USA, a grant development training firm that is internationally known for helping organizations land six-figure and seven-figure grants and shave months off the time it takes for them to get funded. He oversees an elite network of approved licensees who deliver today’s leading training in grant development systems.

Connect with Rodney:

YouTube channel: Get Funded With Rodney. Click here

LinkedIn: Click here

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