Fundraising and Prioritizing the 10,000 things on your Nonprofit Plate!

Having too much to do on your nonprofit plate is the norm.

But should it be the norm?

What if you – as an executive director, fundraising development director, or grant writer – could just focus on what you are good at doing for fundraising?

What if you could delegate or eliminate all the busy work so you could focus on your genius work?

I know. This sounds like a daydream or a chocolate commercial.

So what if I told you that Patrick Kirby, founder of Do Good Better Consulting, actually has a formula to get rid of 9,999 things on your plate?

You’d want to know what that formula is, right?

Well, I am happy to say that he shares this with you on the Grant Writing & Funding podcast

What We Discuss:

  • About DoGoodBetter
  • Too Many Hats for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Why Celebrating is Important for Nonprofits
  • Why Nonprofits Might Not Celebrate Wins
  • How Partnering With Nonprofits Can Attract More Funding
  • Priority Schedule for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Why Gratitude is So Important for Nonprofit Relationships
  • How to Get Authentic Fundraising
  • Who Are Good Funding Source Matches 
  • Why Your Nonprofit Goal is to Dissolve Your Nonprofit
  • How to Prioritize Your To-Do List
  • Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome for Nonprofit Leaders
  • Do Good Better Midwest Tour