What’s New in Nonprofit Policies, Programs, and Jobs in 2022

There is a lot changing for the nonprofit sector as we navigate 2022. From programs to policies to jobs available, this year is a doozy (in a good way!).

Here to help shed some light on this subject is Shannon McCracken, leader of The Nonprofit Alliance. 

The Nonprofit Alliance is a relatively new organization (launched in 2018) with a vision to promote, protect, and strengthen the nonprofit sector. 

In this podcast episode, Shannon discusses some key nonprofit training, policies, and job trends in 2022. 

What We Discuss:

  • About The Nonprofit Alliance
  • Diverse Training at The Nonprofit Alliance
  • How the 2016 Tax Law Has Negatively Impacted Nonprofits
  • Why the Change in the Charitable Giving IRS Rule can Benefit Nonprofits
  • Why the Nonprofit Sector May Be Losing Donors because of the Lack of Data Privacy
  • Job Trends and Notices for Nonprofit Jobs
  • Employee Valuation in Nonprofits
  • Year-End Fundraising and Why It’s Hopeful in 2022
  • Non-profit fundraising trends in 2022
  • How COVID-19 allowed nonprofits to think differently about fundraising