How to maximize your nonprofit’s end of year donors with Jess Campbell

This episode, Jess Campbell explains how to run an end of year campaign, turn end of year donors into monthly donors, and grow digital campaigns. 

Jess Campbell is an email list expert and has been a nonprofit fundraiser for almost 2 decades raising over 17 million dollars.  

Jess Campbell joins us to discuss different donor retention strategies, the benefits of getting your funding from donors, and what makes an email marketing campaign effective.  

She also talks about the ROI of email lists, the different content you can email about, and ways to improve your end of year campaign. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The changes in average retention rate of donors for nonprofits. 
  • How to convert one time donors into monthly donors. 
  • How to retain more of your donors. 
  • Different language you can use to retain donor sponsorship. 
  • How to avoid becoming too reliant on grants. 
  • The benefits of getting your funding from donors. 
  • How to implement a donor strategy. 
  • How regularly you should send emails to your donors. 
  • The ROI of social media compared to email lists. 
  • Different content you can email about throughout the year. 
  • How to make your storytelling powerful. 
  • What nonprofits get wrong at end of year giving.

About Jess Campbell

Jess Campbell is the founder of Out in the Boons (, a small shop helping nonprofits discover donors in their email list. She has been a nonprofit fundraiser for 18 years and has raised over $17M+ working from New York to California in organizations big and small. She is also the founder of The Raise More Together Summit which to date has educated more than 3,000 nonprofit leaders and fundraisers. 

Before starting Out in the Boons, Jess was the Director of Development for LIFT-LA, a national organization that empowers families to break the cycle of poverty. 

Jess has an undergraduate degree from The University of Colorado-Boulder (go Buffs!) in Communication and a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management from The New School in NYC. She currently lives in Southern California with her husband, 7 year-old daughter and their rescue pup, Billy.


  • “48 percent of donors prefer to receive news updates and asks via email.”
  • “Send more emails, especially at the end of the year I would suggest at a minimum one email a week.”
  • “Segmentation is really important. When you are in an asking period and someone gives you a gift you need to stop asking them for money and thank them.”

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