4 Steps Executive Directors of Nonprofits Can Lead with Confidence with Dr. Patton McDowell

This episode, Dr. Patton McDowell explains the ways executive directors can advance their leadership skills, build working relationships, and expand their community.

Dr. Patton McDowell is a nonprofit consultant, leadership expert, and mastermind coach.  

Dr. Patton joins us to discuss the different ways executive directors can advance their leadership skills, effectively network, and build solid relationships. 

He also talks about how to consistently grow, engage with board members, and stay strategic throughout the year. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Different leadership skills you need in a nonprofit. 
  • Ways to remain strategic towards the end of the year. 
  • Creating a community for nonprofit leaders. 
  • The keys to effectively engaging with a board of directors. 
  • How to create a job description for your board members. 
  • Ways executive directors can advance leadership skills throughout the year. 
  • Why masterminds are useful for creating community. 
  • How to establish good working relationships when networking. 
  • The trajectory of most executive nonprofit leaders.