Get Over the Overwhelm of End of Year Giving with a Proven Email Strategy

End of year campaigns for your nonprofit don’t have to be overwhelming. What?!

You heard that right. Christina Edwards from Splendid Consulting breaks down some simple steps to put together an email campaign, what to include in your emails, and so much more. 

This will help you be prepared when running your end of year giving campaign! In this podcast and video, Christina gives you some key tips to increase your end of year giving campaign (with less stress) in less than 30 minutes!

About Christina Edwards of Splendid Consulting

Christina Edwards, Founder of Splendid Consulting, is a marketing expert and coach who helps ambitious social impact businesses and nonprofits increase revenue, supporters, and engagement. She’s ever-passionate about equipping organizations to step into their expertise, be bold, and find their unique voice and audience online. Her packed-out workshops and courses spark enthusiasm, social action, and powerful results. Amplify Social Impact, her signature online course teaches organizations how to make marketing movements that matter online. For more information, visit:

What We Discuss:

  • Why this is NOT the Time to Be Shy About Asking for Donations
  • How to Get Over Being Scared of Asking Your Donors for Money
  • Introducing 15 Tips to a Nonprofit Makeover for Your Nonprofit
  • How to Keep Your Nonprofit Top of Mind and Stand Out This Season
  • Why Your Nonprofit Needs to Send Twice as Many Emails
  • How Many Emails Your Nonprofit Should Send During End of Year Campaign
  • Why You Shouldn’t Duplicate Content and What to Do Instead
  • How to Repurpose Social Content for your Emails
  • How to Engage Former Donors
  • Where to Find Christina