Toolkit for Nonprofits to Get Social Media Influencers and Ambassadors

Finding social media ambassadors and influencers for your nonprofit might feel like an unattainable goal. 

I mean, who really knows Kim Kardashian or Beyonce?

But influencers and ambassadors do not have to equal super elite celebrities. In fact, influencers could include a work-from-home mom that has a YouTube channel about baking for toddlers or a really good friend that is a part of a networking group.

Reaching out to the right type of people who have the audience that makes sense for your nonprofit’s programs is really key to finding influencers and ambassadors.

That’s what Christina Edwards highlights in this episode of Grant Writing & Funding! Christina is a guru in the nonprofit marketing space and gives you a low-down on practical tips for any sized nonprofit to secure marketing from influencers and ambassadors. 

Watch the full interview here!

Toolkit for nonprofits