How to Navigate Inflation and Get More Funding for Your Nonprofit

One cannot get away from the word ‘Inflation’ these days. Not even nonprofit organizations… especially during their end of year giving campaigns.

To help your nonprofit organization navigate through inflation during your end of year giving campaign, Sean Kosofsky “The Nonprofit Fixer” joins me on the podcast to give you some excellent tips!

These tips will help you leverage some 2022 fundraising tips, how to still get revenue during inflation, and some tactics to implement for the new year!

What We Discuss:

  • Introduction to End of Year Fundraising
  • Video Thank You for Major Donors
  • How to Anchor Your Revenue Number
  • What Funding Streams to Look at for End of Year Giving
  • Inflation may Decrease Smaller Individual Donor Giving in 2022
  • Ask for an Increase from Your Major Donors due to Inflation
  • Go deep on the Proven Funding Strategies at End of Year
  • When to Start Planning for the New Year
  • New Fundraising Trends in 2023
  • Optimize your Nonprofit Tech