Tricks to Find State Grants & Contracts

Did you know that you can tap into your state and city government agencies for grants or contracts for your nonprofit organization?

Yep, you can.

First you might be interested in where your state or territory comes up with grant funding (side note: this is geared toward U.S. state and territory grants)

Where do State Grant & Contract Money Come From?

Federal Pass-Through Money

A lot of state and territory grant and contract money is derived from federal monies. This is called federal pass-through funding as it is money from the federal government awarded, “and the state governments then make subawards to other organizations to carry out the public purpose of the grant program within their state’s jurisdiction. This gives the state governments more flexibility and autonomy over the use of the federal grant funds.”

Basically this means…The federal government will award states different types of money,, and then the state is able to then fund nonprofits or other agencies grants from that money.

Taxes and Allocations

And then of course there are taxes in your state, and money that’s generated in your state. Through these allocated funds (for specific purposes) your state then awards certain monies for nonprofits,  organizations, businesses, individuals, and so forth.