6 Proven Tips to Find the Best Federal Grant Opportunities

Federal grant funding can make a huge difference for your nonprofit organization,  government agency, or business!

Federal grant opportunities are out there but to find the best fit programs can be a head scratch.

Where, which ones, and how to apply are all questions I get when folks are looking for federal grant opportunities.

So I’ve broken down a simple 6-Step process for you to find the best-fit federal grant opportunities. For more information, and to get a heap of videos and instructions on federal grant research and grant funding, check out the Bestselling On-Demand Grant Writing Master Course.

Step #1 – Visit the Federal Grant Opportunity Website

The United States federal government posts all of its grant opportunities on Grants.gov

This website hosts all the published funding opportunity announcements (FOA), which are basically the federal grant directions. 

Once you are there, make sure you subscribe to their email notifications and select which types of grants you want to be notified about.

Step #2 – Find Federal Funding Opportunity Announcements

Once you are in Grants.gov, go ahead and put in the type of program that you are seeking funding for. 

Once you do that, a number of FOAs will pop up and you can see what types of federal funding programs are available. Find some that interest you.

Step #3 – Check Eligibility in the Federal Grant Announcement

Make sure that you are eligible for the grant opportunity. Is the grant:

  • available to your type of organization (i.e. 501(c)3 nonprofit, government agency, etc.)
  • in the area that you are located (state, territory, etc.)
  • funding the type of program you have 
  • enough money to cover your program or part of it
  • have matching or no matching
  • a discretionary grant (for nonprofits)
  • and other types of funding