How to Niche Your Grant Writing Services to Get Ideal Nonprofit Clients

Many freelance grant writers are afraid to niche down their services or their marketing.


Because they think if they narrow down then they will get fewer nonprofit clients.

The opposite is really shown to be true. Inside the Grant Professional Mentorship, we really hammer down on this message. Even if you are a generalist grant writer, there are certain things that make your business unique and will cause you to resonate with specific nonprofit organizations.

This will help you narrow down your marketing, hone in on what you are passionate about, and help your clients really understand what you do.

All in all, this means less work trying to please everyone (which can lead to tons of lost opportunity time) and instead you can focus on causes that you believe in that is backed by  your specific expertise.

“To me, having a niche is more important than trying to serve everyone” – Elaina Michaels

In this week’s podcast, Elaina Michaels comes on the podcast to talk about how she has been able to niche down and get ideal clients.

Since joining the Grant Professional Mentorship within the last year, she went from one client to now having clients on the waitlist.

She has done this by really focusing on what her skills are (writing grants), what her passions are (agriculture and land), and then connecting to nonprofit organizations that need grant writing services in the agriculture field.