How Your Nonprofit Can Boost Donor Retention Via Video

Your nonprofit organization may struggle with keeping ongoing donors and in the everlasting search of new donors.

Sound familiar?

This is called donor churn. According to Giving Loop, “donor churn refers to the percentage of donors who choose to not donate again.”

So what is the ‘average’ amount of  donor churn for nonprofit organizations? The Fundraising Effectiveness Project reports that donor retention, on average, is about 45%.

That means most nonprofits lose 55% of their donors every year.

Why is this so alarming?

Getting New Donors is WAY more Costly Than Retaining Donors

Here’s the thing. Getting new donors vs. keeping existing donors costs WAY more.

In fact, Bloomerang states that the cost of acquiring new donors can far outweigh the dollars collected from them (50-100% more). So it makes sense that nonprofits should buckle down on retaining current donors.

But so many nonprofit organizations are not focused on boosting donor retention.


Many may understand the statistics and logical sense behind boosting donor retention, however they may not know what to do.

They may make a list:

  • email donors an newsletter,
  • thank donors in an email, etc.

But capacity behind doing a lot of these tasks may be more than a nonprofit can handle.

Enter Bonjoro.

Nonprofits grow donors

Bonjoro is building the world’s first Customer Delight platform to help great teams build real relationships with their customers at scale.”

Simply put, Bonjoro is an amazing platform where your nonprofit can easily connect with donors via video.

I use Bonjoro and I love it. It’s been a great way that I have been able to send videos to customers and create a personalized relationship with them. In fact, an epiphany came to me one day where I thought…

“OMGEE…This would be excellent for nonprofits to build donor relationships!”

Clearly I am not the only one who thought this! When I reached out to Bonjoro to have a chat, they pointed me to their amazing nonprofit platform where they do this!

  1. Just imagine as soon as a first-time donor gives a donation you get a notification on your phone.
  2. You take a super quick video to thank them by name.
  3. With a tap of the finger the video would be emailed over to them.
  4. All in all, you might have spent two minutes to run a quick thank you video. But the power of that video is HUGE!

No downloading the video to upload somewhere else, to only get rejected by their email because the file is too large. Everything is streamlined.

There are definitely other ways that your nonprofit can use Bonjoro to boost donor retention.

What Matt Barnett and I discuss to Boost Donor Retention

  • How nonprofit organizations can use Bonjoro for fundraising campaigns
  • How nonprofit organizations can utilize video for monthly giving
  • What Bonjoro is and how to use it
  • Why Matt Barnett created Bonjoro
  • Why building relationships is vital for nonprofits
  • The culture at Bonjoro (and the story behind the bears)
  • Bonjoro’s 1% pledge and why that inspired me
  • How to work with virtual teams (I know. Seems random, but so GOOD!)
  • How your nonprofit can apply to be considered for a Bonjoro pledge

About Matt Barnett; i.e. Papa Bear

Matt Barnett BonjoroA British designer by trade, Bonjoro is Matts second company, founded out of Sydney Australia. What started as a sales hack for an Agency he was running, Bonjoro went from hack to side hustle to global business in 18months, and now has team across 5 continents.

Matts love of building great products is only surpassed by that of building great culture, and his goal is to be the next Zappos, to be most loved brand in the world.

When not heads down in product, Matt spends his time rescuing wildlife, teaching his daughter about beekeeping and running one of Sydney’s largest tech founder networks.


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