How to Identify What Rates to Charge as a Grant Writer

Grant writers ask me this question a lot, “Holly, how much should I charge to write grants?”

While executive directors at nonprofit organizations ask me, “How much should I expect to pay to hire a freelance grant writer?”

My answer… Well, there certainly is no magic number.

But there are systems to identify what rates YOU can charge as a grant writer.

Because the most important constant variable in this situation is…You.

Whether that is you as a freelance grant writer or you as an executive director. What are you willing to charge or what are you willing to pay?

To identify what you should charge to write grants depends on some of the following:

  • Your experience in writing grants
  • Your experience in securing grants
  • Your geographic location
  • Your business expenses
  • Your sense of worth and value
  • Your self-confidence
  • Your understanding of the importance of what you do and the impact