Increasing Prices with Streamlined Processes – with Funding for Good’s Marie Palacios

Marie Palacios explains the benefits of having a grant writing process, how to create streamlined grant writing processes and increase the rate you charge for your work.

Marie Palacios is the Lead Consultant for Funding for Good, an expert facilitator, and is certified by The Institute of Cultural Affairs in the USA in evidence-based facilitation practices.

Marie joins us to discuss the ways to understand processes, the benefits of having a clear grant writing process, and how to make your grant writing processes more streamlined.

She also explains the benefits of building your own freelance grant writing or nonprofit consulting business, the importance of identifying your why for working, and how to grow a consulting business to six figures.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to create streamlined grant writing processes
  • The benefits of having a clear grant writing process
  • How to understand processes
  • What makes a good business partnership
  • What different consultants want for their business
  • How to balance a full-time job with a consulting business
  • The benefits of building your own business
  • How increasing your rates also increases your value
  • Why paid services are valued more than free offers
  • How to make 6-figures a year with your consulting business


  • “I learned everything I learned by failing and doing things the wrong way, and then looking at success and saying how can I replicate that success, because Imitation is the best form of flattery.”
  • “Partner with someone that challenges you, your personalities might not always match and you might not always agree but that challenge is what forces you to think.”
  • “Think job or joy if it’s something you like but it’s not going to bring in as much money you’re not going to promote that as much, but if it’s the one that you can do well and really bring in the dollars that’s the one you’re going to market.”