Lessons Learned in Partnerships – with Funding for Good’s Mandy Pearce

Mandy Pearce explains the strategies for building strategic partnerships, how to know who will be a good partner for your business, and when to turn down a potential partnership.

Over a decade ago Mandy Pearce founded Funding for Good to equip organizations with all the skills and tools they need to become successful and sustainable.

Mandy joins us to discuss how most partnerships are formed, the vetting process involved in potential partnerships, and how to know who will be a good partner for your business.

She also explains the metrics you need to know before agreeing to a partnership, the type of business partnerships that you should avoid, and the downsides of affiliate marketing.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The difference between partnerships and sponsorships.
  • How most partnerships are formed.
  • When to turn down a strategic partnership.
  • The vetting process involved in potential partnerships.
  • How to know who will be a good partner for you.
  • What partnerships are used for.
  • The metrics you need to know before starting a partnership.
  • The downsides of affiliate marketing.
  • Strategies for building strategic partnerships.


  • “Some people are in your life for a moment and some people are there for a lifetime and partnerships are the same way. Some will constantly be there and you’ll need them in your business and others will be great for the moment and then you’ll move on”
  • “I hate when nonprofits ask someone who has a company to do something for free because they’re going to get exposure, exposure doesn’t pay the bills. If you want me to speak for you it’s going to cost you money, and it should because of the area of expertise I’ve grown.”
  • “You can’t compete with a personal reference, so asking who can benefit your business, what are your goals, who do I know that could help you, and who do you know? That personal reference is huge, you can’t compete with that approach of how can we help each other.”