How to Know When to Grow Your Nonprofit Consultancy with Mandy Pearce

Starting a nonprofit consultancy is one thing. Knowing when to grow your consultancy is another thing.

You may have a consultancy that serves nonprofit clients. Nonprofit consultants provide services for nonprofit organizations, and are contracted (not staffed) to do these services. Some of these services include:

  • Grant Writing 
  • Grant Management
  • Marketing Services 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Board Development
  • Fundraising
  • Social Media Services
  • Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Website Development
  • Leadership
  • And more…

Once you  have your business up and running, and have nonprofit clients, you may choose to start outsourcing, hiring, or streamlining some of your tasks.

Deciding on how to grow your nonprofit consultancy can be a daunting task. 


Well, when is the time?

Should you have a certain amount of savings before you hire someone? Should you invest and ask about a certain ROI? 

To help answer some of these questions, Mandy Pearce from Funding for Good joins me on the Grant Writing & Funding podcast.

What we Discuss:

  • About Funding for Good
  • How to Know When to Grow a Nonprofit Consultancy
  • Hiring or Not Hiring Staff
  • Different Types of Nonprofit Services
  • Growth Strategies without Hiring Staff
  • Resources Available to Grow a Consultancy
  • How to Streamline Procedures

About Mandy Pearce

In 2009, visionary, Mandy Pearce, founded her flagship company, Funding for Good, to equip organizations with all of the skills and tools needed to become successful and sustainable.

She continues to enjoy evolving this company to meet the changing demands of the nonprofit world. For over two decades, Mandy and her team of experts have shared their proficiency in fundraising through executive coaching, strategic and development planning, seminars and specialized consulting programs.

Mandy’s dynamic teaching style has brought thousands of people to her presentations at conventions, training workshops and online platforms. Mandy established Funding for Good, Inc. upon the core values of honesty, efficiency, direct communication and bringing sustainable dollars to local communities.

Ways to Connect with Mandy: