Grant Writing Consulting: A Path to Financial Stability and Growth with Meredith Noble

On this episode of Grant Writing & Funding, our guest Meredith Noble from Learn Grant Writing shares an inspiring journey from corporate grant writing to launching a startup idea. We learn about the challenges she faced when realizing the idea wasn’t solving a real problem that people were willing to pay for. 

Meredith emphasizes the importance of grounding ideas in addressing real problems, and she shares the lifestyle freedom she gained from entrepreneurship despite the financial difficulties. To supplement her income, Meredith started grant writing consulting and took on various projects, including returning to her family’s cattle ranch during Calving season. 

She stresses the significance of surrounding oneself with successful people and shares a personal experience of seeking coaching and mentorship from a successful female entrepreneur. The episode dives into the topic of pricing in freelance grant writing business and the importance of mindset in overcoming resistances and blocks. 

Meredith also explores the three types of work days: management days, mission days, and money days, and the need for self-care to maintain mental clarity and creativity. 

We also learn about the value of attending conferences, creating spaciousness in our lives for creativity to flow, and the important role of understanding and valuing the services we offer to clients. 

Meredith debunks misconceptions about nonprofits, discusses the impact of grants on nonprofit missions, and shares her organic networking framework to build relationships and opportunities. 

Throughout the episode, Meredith highlights the power of simplicity, focusing on principles rather than chasing trends. She also shares her experience of building a supportive community within her company and the positive impact it has on grant writers. 

We also have a discussion on the scarcity mindset ingrained in the nonprofit industry and the shift towards cultivating a positive and expansive mindset. Join us on this episode of Grant Writing & Funding as we explore the world of grant writing, entrepreneurship, and the drive for change in the nonprofit sector.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Lifestyle freedom gained from entrepreneurship
  • Supplementing income through grant writing consulting
  • Different types of work days: management days, mission days, and money days
  • The value of attending conferences for fresh perspectives
  • The value of understanding the worth one brings to clients
  • Misconceptions about nonprofit budget constraints and financial needs
  • The value of grants in allowing nonprofits to focus on mission instead of fundraising
  • The organic networking framework for building relationships with organizations
  • Funding strategy as a way to build trust and rapport with organizations
  • Keeping things simple and focusing on principles rather than chasing trends
  • Celebrating wins as a cultural practice within the company
  • Building a supportive community of grant writers
  • Criticizing the practice of hourly rates in the industry
  • Cultivating a positive and expansive mindset in the nonprofit sector
  • Shifting away from a scarcity mindset in nonprofits