Using Chat GPT and AI for Grant Writing

This episode, Philip Dang explains how AI is changing grant funding, the ways AI can be used to write grants, and how AI will impact grant writing jobs.

Philip Deng has over a decade of experience in grant writing and is the creator of Grantable, an AI-powered world-class grant writing assistant.

Philip joins us to discuss how AI will affect future grant funding, the ways AI can help grant writers submit more grants, and the limits there are to ChatGPT.

He also explains the ways AI is already integrated into our lives, how technology can be used to improve grant writing processes, and how we can further streamline the grant writing process.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How grant writing systems can be improved.
  • Ways to use technology to improve boilerplate documents.
  • The different ways AI is already integrated into our everyday lives.
  • How AI will affect grant writers and grant writing jobs.
  • How AI software can streamline the grant writing process.
  • ChatGPT’s limits and why it isn’t good for writing grants.
  • How AI can be used to write grants.
  • The ways grant funding is changing as a reaction to AI.


  • “ChatGPT is incredibly powerful at effecting patterns, similar to how we recognize patterns and do that matching in grant applications.”
  • “AI allows grant writers to go faster but people who are inexperienced will still end up with a bad product. Don’t just drop something in ChatGPT and say great it’s done, you really have to guide it with skill and nuance, and only then can you go much faster with less effort.”
  • “Figure out how to use AI and restructure the packages you offer clients so that you can lower the package price while also lowering the time investment involved so that you can work with more organizations.”