How Nonprofits Can Use YouTube to Increase Donations

YouTube is a popular platform that is being used to increase donations for nonprofit organizations. But how do you as a nonprofit leverage this platform?

There’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so many other platforms to leverage donations so why would your nonprofit organization choose YouTube?

Well, the answer is, “it depends.”

If you are doing great on Facebook, then stay on Facebook! If your nonprofit is raising funds from donors on Instagram, then stay on Instagram. And so on.

However, if your nonprofit organization has a tie to an influencer on YouTube, then don’t be shy to ask that channel to support your nonprofit with a fundraiser.

In this specific podcast, Sydney Stelmaszek reached out to me (she’s a student of the grant writing master course, so it’s always great to showcase student’s journeys too!) and shared with me how her and her husband have utilized his YouTube platform to raise money for her nonprofit.

So you get to hear firsthand how the Stelmaszeks utilized a different sector (technology) on YouTube and raised money for SynGAP1 (a rare disease their son suffers from) research.

What I absolutely loved about what Sydney shares is how thinking out-of-the-box can really help nonprofit organizations come up with ideas that are unique and align with their missions. I also love the tenacity that Sydney and her husband have with helping raise funds for a disease that has impacted their lives so personally. Their can-do attitude and drive will surely help their son and so many other people.