Leveraging the Power of Celebrity to Fundraise for Your Nonprofit with Amy & Scott Malin

Let’s be real. We talk about more than this in today’s podcast, but we do really go through the nitty-gritty of leverage to the power of celebrity to fundraise for your nonprofit!

I know, I know. I’ve seen it all before. Starry eyes and a golden haze when a nonprofit drops a celebrities name. Why?

You know why. The celebrity can leverage a huge audience to get eyes on your nonprofit organization’s mission. But should this be your main aim? Should it be your only aim?

Like any type of funding partnership it is a partnership. There needs to be a win on both sides of the partnership. There needs to be strategy in forming a partnership.

Hollywood’s Social Impact Experts Amy & Scott Malin also discuss their newest tech for good: Trueheart social impact search engine and how to value your service.

In this podcast, I go deep with Amy & Scott Malin on leveraging celebrities to fundraise, as well as other topics:

  • Amy’s traumatic background in human trafficking and homelessness and how she turned her pain into positivity
  • How to inspire others to do one better thing a day
  • What nonprofits need to do to successfully connect with celebrities 
  • Why there are more celebrities than you think that support causes
  • How to get past Hollywood’s gatekeepers
  • How to create social change
  • How Trueheart search engine can be used to make positive social impact
  • Democratizing the ability to give to nonprofits
  • How to understand value-based pricing vs. dollar per hour pricing