The Art of Storytelling & Press Conferences for Your Nonprofit

Nikki R. Jones comes on the podcast this week to discuss storytelling and press conferences for your nonprofit organization.

She brings over 16 years of communications management experience amassed across the government, small business, and nonprofit sectors.

She specializes in:

  • Creating and executing strategies for short-term and long-term results.
  • Writing personable and persuasive copy and speeches that prompt action.
  • Simplifying complex issues to be easily digested by the community.

What We Discuss:

✨ the Power of Voice

✨ Understanding your Nonprofit’s message

✨ Using Stories with Dignity and Not Trauma

✨ Being Confident with Your Story

✨ How to Hold Your Own Press Conference

✨ Using Social Media for Press

✨ Course on Press Conferences

About Nikki:

Imagine asking a herd of goats for permission to pass through an isolated, grassy field in
Morocco. That is a snippet of Nikki R. Jones’s story and a key part of her communication skills
war chest.
Nikki is a communications strategist with 16+ years of experience in the small business,
government, and nonprofit sectors. She specializes in copywriting, speechwriting, and training.
She is called on to shift audiences into action through personable, persuasive, and powerful

“Your voice is powerful. Your voice is unique. Your voice can bring about change.” Nikki R. Jones