Instrumentl Grant Research Platform: How to Analyze 990s

We have Gauri Manglik back on the Grant Writing & Funding podcast and YouTube Show this week to discuss Instrumentl’s updates to include how to analyze 990s for funding prospecting.

Instrumentl known as the “institutional fundraising platform”. It is a subscription-based software of where you can find grants and funding opportunities.

Gauri is the co-founder and CEO of Instrumentl, and brings her computer science background into full view as we discuss how to use 990s for your grant research. If you have never looked at a foundation’s 990s (what they need to submit to the IRS each year to include what grants they awarded, to whom, and for what), then you are missing out! 990s are key in understanding how funding sources allocate their money.

Don’t worry. We will break it down in this episode today!

What Gauri and I Discuss on 990s prospecting:

  • Why 990s are essential for grant research
  • Hacks on what to look for in 990s
  • The upcoming Advanced Prospecting Workshops
  • The new updates in the Pro Plus Plan
  • Why grant research can be tricky and overcoming hurdles
  • And more!

About Gauri:

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Gauri Manglik is the CEO and co-founder of Instrumentl, the institutional fundraising platform.

Under her leadership, Instrumentl has grown to serve over 1,400 nonprofits, quickly becoming a favorite tool among grant seekers for bringing grant prospecting, tracking, and management to one place.

Gauri has dedicated her career to building intuitive and delightful user experiences. Seeing the opportunity to force multiply the nonprofit sector’s ability to create impact through software led her to her work at Instrumentl.

Before Instrumentl, Gauri was CEO and co-founder of Fondu, an online community for sharing bite-sized restaurant reviews. After Fondu was acquired by Airbnb, Gauri led their mobile and special projects teams.

Gauri holds a BA in Computer Science from NYU.

CEO & Co-founder, Instrumentl
914-263-6868 | @gauri on Twitter

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