Mentorship Highlight: Navigating Grant Rejections: Yvonne’s Insights on Turning Setbacks into Opportunities

Welcome to another episode of “Grant Writing & Funding” with your host, Holly Rustick. In this week’s episode, we have a special guest joining us: Yvonne White-Morey, a successful grant writer with a thriving freelance grant writing business. 

During our conversation, we will delve into the impact the mentorship program has had on Yvonne’s business, as well as the valuable tips and insights she has to offer for grant writers looking to start or grow their own freelance grant writing businesses. We are excited to hear Yvonne’s personal story and discover how she got started in the world of grant writing.

Yvonne addresses the importance of handling grant rejection in the grant writing world and offers strategies for turning rejection into opportunities for growth and improvement.

Additionally, she will touch on the significant role of artificial intelligence in the grant proposal process, and explore both the positive advantages and potential challenges it presents. 

Yvonne also shares her experience in the Grant Professional Mentorship program and how it has benefited her grant writing career. 

Join us as we connect with Yvonne White-Morey to learn more about her journey in grant writing and the valuable insights she has to offer. 

Plus, we will reveal how you can connect with Yvonne and the resources she provides. So grab your headphones and get ready for another informative and inspiring episode of “Grant Writing & Funding” with Holly Rustick.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How the Grant Professional Mentorship has been beneficial Yvonne’s grant writing business
  • The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Grant Proposal Process
  • Positive and negative implications of AI and large language models in grant writing
  • Handling Rejection and Building Relationships in Grant Seeking
  • – The tendency to feel discouraged after a grant proposal rejection
  • The importance of evaluating the fit between the proposal and funder’s values
  • Embracing rejection as an opportunity to demonstrate organizational integrity
  • Grant writing as part of the revenue stream and flow for organizations
  • Building a sustainable funding model for organizations
  • Considering the overall funding picture and incorporating grants into the organization’s strategy
  • The challenge of low scores on grant proposals with minimal feedback