Using Grant Easy Management Software – A Panel Discussion 

As a panel we discuss the benefits of using Grant Easy Management Software, how it makes working with non-profits more efficient, and the different ways it helps you analyze data faster. 

As you write more grants the amount of time you spend tracking grants and analyzing data increases to a point where it can seem impossible to scale any further.

Grant Easy Management Software can help optimize grant writing and make working with non-profits more efficient and productive. 

We’re joined by a team of grant writing experts to discuss their experience using grant management software and the ways it’s saved them time and improved their businesses.

Get to hear how this Grant Management Software helps these 3 grant writing experts as they have very different business models!

We also explain why we all moved to using Grant Easy Management Software, the different features it has, and why grant specific software is better than Google Drive.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Different ways to track grants.
  • How software can help you scale your grant writing business.
  • How Grant Easy Management Software optimizes the grant writing process.
  • How to reduce the number of meetings you need with contractors.
  • The grant writing community that Grant Easy Management Software provides.
  • How Grant Easy Management Software makes working with non-profits easier and more efficient.
  • The benefits of having external users access your account.
  • What makes Grant Easy Management Software better than Google Drive.
  • The different features Grant Easy Management Software has.
  • How to analyze your data faster.