Top Tips from a Researcher: How to Write a Logic Model Template

A question I often get is, “How do I create a logic model?” 

This is a great question, and in today’s episode Dr. James Pann describes how to create a logic model.

But one also needs to understand what a logic model is and why it’s important to the grant writing process. A logic model is really a process in a visual display. This visual process helps grant reviewers, grant writers, and your nonprofit team really understand the program you are developing.

A lot of grant writers even like to develop the logic model as one of their first steps in the grant writing process so they stick to the plan while writing the grant.

Grant reviewers like to see a visual representation of what your program is all about to help supplement the text narrative in your grant. Your nonprofit team will benefit from creating this logic model as the program will become clear on what you are trying to accomplish.

All in all, a logic model is a healthy way to guide your grant writing process and gives you another tool in your box to earn more points in securing grants and having a successful program.

Watch the full interview here!