Why the Taylor Swift + Ticketmaster Debacle Might Hold Your Nonprofit Back

Even if you aren’t a Swiftie, you probably have heard about the big Ticketmaster debacle this week with Taylor Swift tickets.

i.e. when the Star announced her 2023 tour a record number of people went online to purchase tickets on the infamous Ticketmaster site and it was not able to handle the high-demand. This caused hours of waiting online for tickets and countless pre-sale tickets to be no good and many, many unhappy fans. The tech just was not ready with the countless fans waiting to buy their tickets as soon as the doors opened.

Here’s the thing. Not for nothing, due to high profile media like this one, so many nonprofit organizations and freelance grant writers put themselves into the Taylor Swift category when it comes to launching something.

Now, your nonprofit or your consultancy might be very popular and have thousands of folks on your email lists, but I doubt it’s in the stratosphere of Taylor Swift land, making 2.4 million individual sales in a matter of hours.

But these stories hold a toooooooon of other people back. Including, maybe you.