4 Reasons Why a Grant Writer Cannot Get Paid on Commission

Grant writers cannot get paid to write grants on commission. This is one of the most popular urban myths of the grant writing world.

Nonprofit organizations innocently may believe that paying a grant writer on commission (i.e. paying a grant writer only if the grant is awarded from a percentage of the grant award) is the way to go.

The thought process for many nonprofit organizations on paying a grant writer on commission is that:

  1. They would not have to pay upfront (from their limited or no budget)
  2. The grant writer will work super hard to get the grant awarded (i.e. they only get paid if the grant gets awarded)
  3. Part of the awarded grant will pay the grant writer (i.e. no out-of-pocket expenses from the nonprofit)

How great is that? A nonprofit organization will be ecstatic as that seems like a win-win situation.

But nonprofit organizations cannot pay grant writers on commission.

Here are four reasons why grant writers cannot get paid on commission: