Where to Find and Manage Grants for Nonprofits

Some of the top questions I get from grant writers are,

 “Where can I find grants?” 


 “How do I manage multiple grants?”

In today’s podcast, Tammy Tilzey from Foundant Technologies addresses both of these questions and more! 

Knowing where to find grant funding sources is imperative in securing grant funding! But just Googling ‘grant funding’ will not do you any favors. In fact, you will go down a never-ending rabbit hole with funding sources that are probably not a good fit.

That wastes time. That leads to frustration. That can cause drifting.

Also, when you have multiple grants (yay!) for your nonprofit organization, it can get overwhelming really quickly! 

Keeping track of when to submit financial reports, program reports, end of fiscal year reports, and more can cause your head to spin.

Tammy discusses some hacks to these challenges.

What We Discuss:

  • Introduction of Foundant Technologies
  • Tammy’s Story with Nonprofit Organizations
  • The Learning Curve to Online Technology for Grant Research
  • The Core of Foundant Technologies in Philanthropy
  • Grant Management Magic
  • Best Practices in Grant Software
  • 3 Most Popular Features in Foundant
  • How Foundations Can Give Out Scholarships
  • Accounting and Running Financial Grant Reports

About Tammy Tilzey

Tammy Tilzey is the Nonprofit Relationship Manager at Foundant Technologies, which specializes in making philanthropy easier and more impactful through forward-looking technology solutions. With nearly a decade of experience in the philanthropic sector, Tammy brings a deep understanding of the unique needs of nonprofits and a strong commitment to helping streamline day-to-day tasks so organizations can focus on their missions. Tammy also brings excellent technical skills, with a degree in Computer Science from Montana State University and years of experience in development, marketing, and client services leadership roles at several growing software companies.

In her role at Foundant, Tammy provides educational resources and tools designed to build capacity and increase the success of nonprofit organizations. Tammy currently serves on the board of the Grant Professionals Certification Institute and as program chair for her local Idaho Chapter of the Grant Professionals Association.

Connect with Tammy Tilzey: