Where to Find and Manage Grants for Nonprofits

Some of the top questions I get from grant writers are,

 “Where can I find grants?” 


 “How do I manage multiple grants?”

In today’s podcast, Tammy Tilzey from Foundant Technologies addresses both of these questions and more! 

Knowing where to find grant funding sources is imperative in securing grant funding! But just Googling ‘grant funding’ will not do you any favors. In fact, you will go down a never-ending rabbit hole with funding sources that are probably not a good fit.

That wastes time. That leads to frustration. That can cause drifting.

Also, when you have multiple grants (yay!) for your nonprofit organization, it can get overwhelming really quickly! 

Keeping track of when to submit financial reports, program reports, end of fiscal year reports, and more can cause your head to spin.

Tammy discusses some hacks to these challenges.

Watch the full interview here!