Why Becoming a Nonprofit Consultant is a Good Career Move

Nonprofit Consultant Series #2

If you are considering a job transition, then becoming a nonprofit consultant could be your best bet.


Well, in mid-2022 the job market is prime. Plus, nonprofit organizations are looking for talent right now.

In fact, studies have shown that the nonprofit sector is regaining some of its pre-pandemic growth, where it was the largest growing sector since 2009. 

Plus, what the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted is the need for technical skills in the nonprofit sector. 

These technical skills include:

It’s a great thing that Mandy Pearce and Mazarine Treyz come on the Grant Writing & Funding podcast and YouTube Show to discuss jobs for nonprofit consultants. 

They have both been nonprofit consultants for well over a decade and share some valuable lessons for those considering moving into this new career path.

What We Discuss:

  • Introduction to Job Opportunities in the Non-profit Sector
  • Job opportunities for nonprofit consultants
  • How the Great Resignation Has Affected Nonprofit Jobs
  • Why Transitioning into Nonprofit Consultancy Could Be Your Next Move
  • 500,000+ Jobs Open in Nonprofit Sector
  • Why Hiring Consultants Can Help Your Nonprofit’s Cashflow
  • Getting Referrals as Consultant
  • When Staff Aren’t Seen as Experts Any Longer
  • How to Charge for a Service
  • Why You Might Get More Work In Other Towns