Pros and Cons to Hiring a Freelance Grant Writer vs. a Staff Grant Writer

If you have been thinking about starting or growing a freelance grant writing company or nonprofit consultancy…NOW is the time!

Forbes recently wrote an article titled, “The Freelance Revolution is Just Getting Started” and that is absolutely correct!

In fact, I remember discussing the growth of the freelance grant writing sector with Rodney Walker back in 2019. Back then, it was projected that 50 percent of people would be freelancers by 2030. But we have fast-tracked this trend. In fact, Gen Z workers have already hit the 50 percent mark in being freelancers! 

This freelancing trend exponentially grew due to the COVID-19 pandemic with technology becoming more accessible and the work-from-home model normalized.

Freelancing Impacting Nonprofit Organizations

The growth of freelancing has also impacted nonprofit organizations, which make up 5.6 percent of the United States economy

What the pandemic and Great Resignation has taught many nonprofit organizations is that they needed to update their operational budgets. Staffing has been a line item that is being analyzed with a fine-toothed comb. Grants oftentimes do not cover many staffing positions, fringe benefits, and more. An alternative has been to tap into the growing talent pool of freelancers. 

Freelance grant writers are not an exception to this pool. With fundraising positions as a top priority for many nonprofits, hiring a freelance grant writer is very, very desirable.