The What, Why, and How Webinars Help Grow Your Organization

Nonprofit Consultant Series #4

Are you thinking about running a webinar for your nonprofit consultancy? 

Webinars have skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. And the reason why is because they work!

Webinars are great for some of the following reasons:

  • Build your audience
  • Connect to people
  • Nurture your audience
  • Marketing for your consulting services
  • Credibility for your grant writing
  • Sharing stories and impact of your nonprofit organization
  • And so much more!

If you are really interested in seeing how webinars could specifically help your nonprofit consultancy or freelance grant writing business, then you must watch or listen to this podcast!

You might be stuck in the how, what, when, where of developing a webinar.

I get it! I once was there, too!

But during this discussion Mazarine Treyz of Wild Woman Fundraising, Mandy Pearce of Funding for Good, and I will be sure to get you over the overwhelm of creating a webinar!

What We Discuss:

  • Webinars to Build Your Nonprofit Consulting Business
  • What is the Right Format in Webinars
  • How to Overcome Perfectionist Syndrome
  • Webinar Hacks
  • How Many Bullet Points Per Slide?
  • Grow Your Audience Through Partnering
  • Free or Paid Webinars?
  • How Webinars Are Beneficial to Build Credible 
  • Connecting to Audience via Webinars
  • About the Nonprofit Consulting Conference

About Mandy Pearce

Funding for Good ownerIn 2009, visionary, Mandy Pearce, founded her flagship company, Funding for Good, to equip organizations with all of the skills and tools needed to become successful and sustainable.

She continues to enjoy evolving this company to meet the changing demands of the nonprofit world. For over two decades, Mandy and her team of experts have shared their proficiency in fundraising through executive coaching, strategic and development planning, seminars and specialized consulting programs.

Mandy’s dynamic teaching style has brought thousands of people to her presentations at conventions, training workshops and online platforms. Mandy established Funding for Good, Inc. upon the core values of honesty, efficiency, direct communication and bringing sustainable dollars to local communities.

Ways to Connect with Mandy:

About Mazarine Treyz

Mazarine Treyz is a nonprofit leadership coach, speaker and best-selling author of “The Wild Woman’s Guide to Fundraising”, serving people in over 70 different countries.

Mazarine specializes in helping nonprofit leaders with fundraising goals through authentic relationships both online and offline.  As a result, clients have doubled monthly donors, taken their schools from 10K to 170K in recurring revenue, and created their own global nonprofits. Treyz has co-founded a nonprofit and has over a decade of experience as a nonprofit fundraiser in small shops. Today, Mazarine Treyz leads the nonprofit workplace justice movement to create a better nonprofit work culture through her writing, training, podcast and keynote speeches.

Connect with Mazarine Treyz: