How to Love Marketing with Splendid Consulting’s Christina Edwards

This episode, Christian Edwards explains the ways to create a passive income using evergreen courses, the central role marketing plays in creating a passive income, and the techniques introverts can use to learn to love selling.

Christina Edwards is the Founder of Splendid Consulting and a marketing expert and experienced coach.

Christiana joins us to discuss how evergreen courses can be used to create passive income, the importance of marketing when creating passive income streams, and the different ways to sell an online course.

She also talks about how people can teach themselves to enjoy marketing, the marketing tricks introverts can use, and how you can market an online course without using social media.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to build a love for marketing and selling.
  • How to create passive income with evergreen courses.
  • The skills you need to effectively run online marketing and fundraising campaigns.
  • The difference between an online business and an in-person agency.
  • How introverts can learn to love selling.
  • Different ways to sell an online course.
  • The benefits of selling a course before you build it.
  • How to market a course without using social media.
  • Different ways to use data to improve your online course.